After saving up for two years to buy a pony - selling 40c cups of homemade lemonade - little entrepreneur Sebastian Lucas' dream came true.

“We cut the lemons, squeezed them in and then we’d cook the syrup and add sugar,” he tells the Courier Mail. Sebastian also helped his mum, Juliana, at her shabby-chic furniture business to work towards his goal of buying a pony. “The proceeds of his sales, plus his tooth fairy money and Christmas money all went into a mason ball jar.", said his mum.

Hard work pays off.

With Sebastian saving $3,000 towards achieving his dream, his parents located and secretly transported a Welsh mountain pony to their property - and caught the joyful moment of Sebastian first meeting his new mate, "Tom Boy" on camera.

It's one to surely make you smile.

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Display image via Facebook/Juliana Kent