What do you get your kids for Christmas?
A toy that will keep them busy for an afternoon?
A video game that might distract them for a week?
Clothes and shoes that’ll last them the season?

What about a gift that keeps on giving?

There are a few gifts that you can get for kids that will give them more than just a few hours of entertainment before being forgotten. The kind of gifts that equip your kids with skills and knowledge to last them a lifetime. Here’s a few ideas of how to invest in your kids’ future this Christmas…

Books, Updated
A beautiful boxed set of books to keep your kids entertained is not only a thoughtful gift to encourage your kids’ reading skills and love of literacy, but is something that they can keep and treasure and maybe even pass on to their siblings or their own children one day. Series such as Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia are great sets to start with.

For older kids, products such as the Amazon Kindle (available from $109 at Officeworks) or a subscription to audiobook service Audible can give them the opportunity to take their love of books into the modern age. These products can give kids a place to enjoy reading now and for years to come.

Financial Learning
There are a number of ways to get your kids interested in learning money, and encouraging the skills needed to manage money in the modern world will set them up with a healthy attitude towards finance for life. Spriggy is a fabulous, independent product to help teach kids the day-to-day smart saving and sensible spending skills they need with digital money, and is a great way for kids to learn the basics of how money works - and how to make it work for them. You can give it a try for free over at www.spriggy.com.au/pocket_money_made_easy

Another fantastic product to get kids started with financial learning is the “Little Acorns” feature with popular investment app, Acorns. While it doesn’t have a huge number of features to get kids involved themselves, its a good little place to start getting your kids interested in learning about investment.

Coding Games
Coding is awesome skill for kids to learn to help set them up for the modern world they’re growing up into. There’s a variety of games targeted to different age and ability levels to get your kids started learning this useful lifelong skill, that will serve them well in the job market when their time comes! Check out Code Gamer, Code Master or the Osmo range for some great coding games for your kids this Christmas!

What are your families ideas to make Christmas special for your kids? We’d love to hear on our Facebook Post!