Fifty thousand.

This weekend marked our 50,000th member joining Team Spriggy, and we are just over the moon. It's so cool to have you all along for the ride, helping us help you get your kids interested in learning financial responsibility and setting them up with skills that will serve them for life. Each and every one of our members reminds us of just why we're doing this, and keeps us working hard to make Spriggy as awesome as can be.

And, you know, at Spriggy HQ, nothing makes our day like hearing how your kids are finding success in their learning journeys - from stories about how your kids are becoming savvy savers, to how they're finding new, inventive ways to earn pocket money... even about how you no longer need to check the back of the couch for coins when they ask for their pocket money! There are so many amazing ways that you guys are telling us Spriggy is helping you out, so help us share it with the world!

So, to celebrate the big Five-Oh, we're giving away 50 savings boosts!

To enter, simply:
**1. ** Take a video, fun picture or just tell us How Spriggy is helping your kids be awesome with money.
**2. ** Post this to your favourite social channel - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - tag us @SpriggyOfficial plus #SpriggyKids

Get your creative kids involved; the more imaginative the better!

Please remember, if you include your kids with the Spriggy app or card, make sure you have any card numbers covered.

The competition closes on Tuesday 31st October at 11:59 PM. Full terms and conditions available here

There’s a bright, exciting future ahead for Spriggy, with tonnes of features and improvements coming, so we’re so happy to have you along for the ride! Stay tuned for even more Spriggy goodness coming soon!

Thank you - all of you. We really couldn't do it without you.