Team Spriggy

Team Spriggy

Hello from Team Spriggy, and welcome to The Daily Pig; a blog to entertain and educate parents around Australia about all things family, fun and finance! Kicking it off, it’s about time for a proper introduction to the people behind the pig, the team who work hard to bring Spriggy to life and help kids around Australia learn about money!

Jeff’s spent 12 years leading teams and crafting magical web and mobile apps for clients including CSC Healthcare, Foxtel and CBA. He’s a passionate Software Engineer who loves devoting fervent days and sleepless nights to bringing our apps to life, and he won’t stop until every one of our Spriggy families have happier, healthier relationships with money (and each other)!

Mario’s a physicist who worked in a bank for 7 years turning rocket science on numbers for big businesses before he saw the light and joined Spriggy to help real Mums and Dads teach their kids about money. Here at Spriggy, he’s our resident spreadsheet ninja, but he loves to escape when he can and spend time with our Spriggy families

Alex holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Sydney and enjoys using his technical skills to solve real-world problems that are important to people's lives. Prior to co-founding Spriggy, he has worked in finance, in academia and as a data scientist. Outside of Spriggy he enjoy skiing, eating spicy food, watching stand-up comedy and singing karaoke poorly.

Rob enjoys dabbling in computer science, electronics, vlsi design, chemistry, finance, economics, maths, physics, 3d design and tutoring kids in maths but he's not much into 18th century art.

Cassie is a neonatal nurse who decided to shake things up when her own babies came along. Taking all of the time she was spending on Facebook and turning into a chance to spread the word about Spriggy, she now watches a lot less cat videos and instead uses social media to reach Aussie mums and dads and tell them about how awesome it is! When she’s away from the computer, she’s a busy mum who loves to bake and enjoys a mean vietnamese pork roll.

Peter is a father of three, and is experiencing his own version of our members life everyday with his young children. Peter has a varied background in marketing and technology and is passionate about supporting people to achieve their everyday goals in life. He is on a mission to spread the word of Spriggy to families across the land.

Gabriella is a scientist and has spent the last few years working in medical diagnostics. Hanging up her lab coat, she’s made the leap to the Spriggy team and customer experience! When she’s not chatting to our families, she’s mildly dog-obsessed and can be found at local cafes with her two pugs.

And last, but not least, Jeremy is a multidisciplinary designer who dabbled in interior, industrial and fashion design before settling as a digital designer. At Spriggy, he lends his keen eye for design into bringing the website, app and branding to life. Jeremy works with the tech team gurus to make sure everything works fantastically and looks fabulous!

We make up Team Spriggy, and we LOVE what we do. We're so happy to be helping families around Australia teach their kids the value of money and the importance of understanding how it works in the modern age. We can't wait to see what the future brings!