Keep on top of your kids spending

Keep on top of your kids spending

Real-time spending notifications are here

Spriggy just got even better today, with the introduction of real-time spending notifications! It’s something so many of our families have asked for and we are delighted to share it with you. We think you are going to love it.

What are real-time notifications?

Real-time notifications are sent to both the parent and kid every time the Spriggy card is used to make a purchase. It’s a great way for kids and parents to understand their spending and remaining balance without having to jump into the Spriggy app.

So, Peter is on his way to school when he decides to buy a smoothie.  Before, Steph (Peter's mum) would have had no idea without opening the app and looking at the card transactions. Now, Steph can see instantly that Peter just spent $3.95 and has $7.73 left on his card.

Now, this isn’t about spying on Peter, however Steph knows that he isn’t going to have enough money for lunch! She quickly jumps into the Spriggy app and transfers Peter $5. Plus, tonight Steph can have a chat with Peter about his spending. Win, win.

How do I set up notifications?

First, please make sure you have the latest app installed. In most cases this happens automatically, but if not, please go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to update.

We’ve turned on real-time spending notifications by default, but you can change this at any time.

To turn notifications off/on;

  • Open the Spriggy app and login as a parent
  • Tap ‘Account’ in the top right of the screen
  • Tap ‘Notification Preferences’ - near the bottom of the menu
  • Turn them on or off by tapping the slider (green = on / grey = off)
  • You are done. The setting is automatically saved.


Things keep getting better

This is just the beginning of notifications. We have much more planned and will bring these to you over the coming months. If you have any suggestions on notifications you would like to see, or improvements, please let us know. Your input makes Spriggy better for everyone.

What we are planning:

  • Notifications on spend over a set $ value
  • Impacts of spending on pocket money budget
  • Notifications on goal completions/changes
  • Notifications on balance remaining