So, your kids get pocket money or part-time job earnings every week, but how do you teach them to make it work for them, and grow? If your kids are particularly entrepreneurial, starting a small, hobby-based business might be a great idea to keep them busy and get their money growing!

There’s a wide assortment of ways that kids can turn their spare time and spare change into fun activities that might even earn them a bit of money. Making things to sell at places like markets might be a great way to make a few dollars, and have a bit of fun on the weekend too!

If markets aren’t your kids’ thing, then there’s a bunch of awesome ways to get them selling online. Websites like Etsy and eBay can give your kids the chance to sell their handmade wares and are super easy to set-up and monitor with a bit of help from mum and dad. If they’re feeling pretty pro about it, there are even e-commerce sites like Big Cartel that allow small stores with a few products to set up for free!

So, what could they make and sell? Here are a few ideas to get your kids thinking business…

  • Slime; it’s all the rage these days, and super easy and fun for the kids to whip up!
  • Sewing; making small soft toys can be a great way to keep kids busy, and the world of handmade is SO popular right now!
  • Gardening; succulent terrariums are super trendy and easy to make!
  • Art; if your kid has an eye for style, let them get their inner Picasso out and make a masterpiece!

There’s a wealth of other ideas out there too - get your kids thinking about what they’re good at, and how that can be turned into a business… and before you know it, they’ll be total entrepreneurs!

Please note that this post is intended to inspire, and any advice given is not considered in terms of your family's financial position. If your kids are thinking about starting a small business, please take the time to contact a professional financial advisor and seek out info around income and tax for your kids.