Spriggy is now available for kids aged 6-17. We've made this change because, well, you asked for it. It's great to see our Spriggy members getting real value from our service and wanting to get the whole family involved as early as possible.

As a father of three wild boys, my wife and I often discuss our hopes for their financial futures. The agreement is always quite simple, just better than we were. We want our kids to be generous, enjoy whatever career they choose, be able to afford a home and importantly, live comfortably without financial stress.

Start Early
Oliver recently turned six and is experiencing money more and more in everyday life, at home and at school. We try to talk often and openly about money around the dinner table or when cries of "I want .." raises its ugly head.

Cash isn't cutting it
He never loses his bus pass, but cash, always. He doesn't see us using it, as we pay for everything with the phone. Coins in a piggy bank are not relatable to the golf balls he is saving for. So we are thrilled to be starting him on Spriggy, where all of this comes to life for him. Plus, he is so excited, which makes it even easier.

Getting started
We've started off with $6 a week and created some goals for saving: golf balls - motivated by his passion for sport - and a small amount to "help the farmers" - he knows many of them and is learning a valuable lesson in thinking about the wider community.

He is already asking what happens if he doesn’t spend the rest of his money, which is an amazing win from day one.

Let the journey begin
We're super excited to see how he progresses in the coming weeks and months. We know there will be mistakes, tantrums and great satisfaction. Stay tuned for more.

Father of three wild boys!