Are you feeling a bit like us, suddenly realising it's just ONE WEEK TILL CHRISTMAS?!


Never fear, we've got some sweet little DIY's to outsource the hard work to the kids get the kids involved in the festive fun this year! Check them out!

Macrame Plant Hanger
If you didn't know how popular Macrame is these days, you need to waste spend some more time on Pinterest and Instagram, because it is seriously taking over the world. Get the kids whipping up this simple plant hanger in no time - it'll be totally 'grammable.

Tutorial from the Lia Griffith blog.

Photo Luminaries
This sweet DIY could not be easier, and makes a beautiful and super thoughful gift for the family!

Tutorial from Our Best Bites blog.

Marble Dipped Mugs
This easy afternoon project comes together in no time, making totally adorable gifts for friends and family this Christmas time.

Tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion blog.

Besswax Wrap
A beautiful gift for your eco-conscious friends and family, this beeswax wrap is simple to make and saves the planet, too - perfect!

Tutorial from Buzzfeed

Sugar Scrubs
These little jars of goodness come together super quickly, and are the perfect gift to give someone who needs a little treat!

Tutorial from One Little Project blog.

Merry Christmas, everyone!