Back To School Hacks For Busy Parents

Parents back in the trenches of rushed morning drop-offs and afternoon homework sessions... so to help out, check out these genius hacks to help make the school day a little smoother.

Back To School Hacks For Busy Parents

School’s well and truly back for 2018, and parents around Australia are back in the trenches of rushed morning drop-offs and afternoon homework sessions. So, to help out, we’ve popped together a list of hacks to help parents make the school day a little smoother…

Sunday Funday
Help make the week ahead a little easier by organising a week’s worth of lunches on a Sunday afternoon. Sandwiches can be made in big batches and frozen to be pulled out on a school morning, and snacks packed into individual serves and packs, ready to go as you run out the door. Get the kids involved, too, and not only are you helping to teach them organisation and responsibility… but it’s a great way to prevent groans about what goes in the lunch box! Check out the guide to freezing sandwiches from Stay At Home Mum for a great list of filling ideas.

Brekkie Blitz
Smoothies are a great way to do breakfast on the go, and the possibilities are endless! Get the kids chopping up the fruit and choosing their morning combos the night before, and in the morning just add some milk… then it’s a simple buzz in the blender and it’s done!

At Your Stations!
Setting up a designated go-station for the morning is a simple way to reduce the “where are my shoes?!” and “I can’t find that book!” stress in the morning. Before bedtime, encourage the kids to lay out everything for the next day in the same place - perhaps the kitchen table, by the front door or even in an amazing dedicated station like this amazing Kmart hack from genuis mum Jessica-Louise Groves via Facebook. Then, in the morning, it’s just grab and go… no more runaway socks.

Clothes Cubbies
Get organised for the week ahead with a simple hanging organiser hack like this one from Better Homes & Gardens; get it with these $9 Kmart cubbies. Weekend washing can be divided for the week ahead into the cubbies, making grabbing school uniforms a breeze in the mornings.

Smart Schedules
Keep the kids on track, morning and afternoon, with an easy dry-erase list of tasks to be completed. One for each child makes it simple to see when everything is done! This easy peasy DIY hack comes together in a few minutes - see how at The Krazy Coupon Lady.

What are your go-to tricks of the trade to make sure that school days run smoothly? We’d love to hear from you over on our Facebook page!